There’s a persistent clamor in Republican circles that President Obama runs around the world criticizing and apologizing for the United States. That is of course hardly the case but accusing Democrats of being soft on security and turning the country into a socialist enclave is nothing new. The old cant still works as it turns out which is why New Jersey’s Governor Christi is celebrated by conservatives as a bold new voice when his approach to governing is very much like the typical anti-labor, stick-it-to-the-little-guy style of innumerable officials who have held leadership positions before him.

As soon as the November election results were tallied the 2012 presidential race became topic number one. Is Christi ready?  Will Palin run? Will Republicans settle on an issue other than the wobbly economy and are they prepared to unravel an amorphous Tea Party credo that does little more than express the anger of mainstream voters? Or will conservatives in Congress spin dozens of irrelevant partisan threads that will consume valuable time and resources and leave more substantial issues unaddressed?