Hey, all you people who stayed home November second insisting it didn’t matter which party occupied the White House and Congress, how’s that no-step forward-two-steps backward workin’ out for ya? Are you pleased with the kinds of people in leadership positions who promise a bright future for a country in an inertial lockstep that impedes rather than promotes innovative policy, sheltering what they define as the American way?

That “way,” is characterized by a free market, fiscal free-for-all that awards greater control of capital to the few while squeezing out middle and lower-income earners who decry what they call “class warfare” mistakenly believing they may join the ranks of the wealthy one day. They support candidates least likely to clear a path to the top because the campaign to ‘take the country back’ is in reality a cynical embrace of the status quo, or a deception dished up by intellectual lightweights like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the lady from Alaska, all guaranteeing a further erosion of our national brain-trust.