When it comes to job losses only some seem worthy of concern to the new Republican majority. Speaker Boehner pretends his party is serious about deficit reduction but supported Bush tax cuts even for large wage earners thereby increasing the debt without creating jobs. This misuse of public funds and a full-bore attack on ‘entitlements’, unions and big government at the same time is celebrated by conservatives as if they had discovered a magical budgeting device that would salvage a wounded economy.

In Wisconsin thousands of workers are protesting policy changes the governor has instituted denying state workers the right to collective bargaining altering the terms of existing labor contracts and retirement packages. There are questions as to whether cutbacks are really needed to close a budget gap or if the governor had put measures in place to benefit political supporters.Whatever the case, workers in the state have taken to the streets to protest the manner in which Scott Walker has chosen to advance his agenda. The result has been an outpouring of anger and frustration that reminds one of the recent demonstrations in Egypt in terms of numbers and purpose though in Wisconsin of course demonstrators aren’t seeking to depose a leader; they are simply saying you can’t rule by fiat in this country. The governor’s actions are a shocking departure from reasonable standards of governance that should not be allowed to stand in Wisconsin or elsewhere.