In almost every conversation and report about deficits and government spending Social Security is mentioned along with Medicare and Medicaid despite the fact that it isn’t in the same straits as the other two ‘entitlements.’ Wading through the non-essential elements of budgeting procedures is an exhausting process that pits partisan agendas against sensible economic considerations.

On programs like Washington Journal callers of all persuasions express a kind of hunger for people in Congress to work together for the good of the country not strive to satisfy constituents whose vision is often limited and simplistic. They aren’t talking about civility they are concerned that if partisan agendas are the driving force among members of Congress the way forward will be arduous and, into the bargain, civility will be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

But for all those who hope some degree of rapprochement can be achieved, there remain that stalwart legion of single-issue voters who insist their views on abortion and marriage underpin our entire way of life and are exactly what the founders had in mind. Voters in November apparently spoke with one voice and agreed entirely with the right wing of the Republican Party, a remarkable achievement. Actually the party is being pretty much jerked around by Tea Partiers who have a singular approach to the economy and social issues that defies common sense. Trying to run a country without understanding the complexities of the twenty-first century is a scary scenario that has been foisted upon a weary and frightened public. Others in the leadership understand exactly what they’re doing without attending to the consequences of their actions – – a relentless power grab with the goal of turning the country back to an earlier time.