Even excluding the ludicrous flip flops of folks like Newt Gingrich, Republicans are developing into the most disingenuous bunch of phonies ever to lay claim to legitimate mainstream status. The public tends to distrust politicians in general, but these days only the most naïve voters could find comfort in the ideolological trappings offered up by the current crop of conservative candidates. Unfortunately naiveté can be a powerful force.

It is one thing to take a stand on moral or ethical issues or to promote responsible fiscal policy. But today’s Republicans can’t seem to figure out what it is they are really trying to say, or they may just be afraid they’ll be found out for the miscreants they really are. No wonder the voting public is confused. New members of Congress campaigned as righteous warriors in the battle to curb big government, overspending and unemployment. But when they arrived in Washington they and their previously elected brethren decided that nothing was more important than challenging abortion rights, keeping the Bush tax-cuts for the rich firmly in place and cutting programs that have little or no impact on budgetary constraints.