Here’s an idea… Instead of the Republican Party acting as the middleman, why not just turn the government over to the Heritage Foundation? It seems to be a rich source of talking points for all segments of the right wing and speaks with great authority on matters of national concern. While we’re at it, instead of nibbling away at entitlements why not scrap them entirely and do away with unions at the same time? That way Congress wouldn’t have to spend any more time arguing about ways to trim the deficit with half measures – – one great sweeping piece of legislation and, poof, problems solved.

But failing such a dramatic approach it is astonishing that the mainstream media is describing the Republican budget plan as a courageous effort to take on the arduous task of cutting costs while ‘saving’ the country’s most cherished programs. Even a cursory reading of the document Congressman Paul Ryan introduced under the ponderous title of “Road to Prosperity” makes clear the implications of his plan for the vast majority of Americans. According to its guidelines changes in Medicare would only pertain to persons fifty-five and under, no doubt because a tumult of opposition would soon overwhelm discussions of proposed changes if more recent retirees were to be affected.