Okay, it’s clear at last that most congressional Republicans are a rag-tag, loony tunes collection of scoundrels incapable of being truthful about almost anything. We may have suspected this was true before, but Paul Ryan’s budget plan and Arizona Senator Jon Kyl’s recent floor speech have strengthened perceptions of a Tea Party and far right legislative component off on a tangent that bodes ill for the democratic process.

Ryan’s plan often characterized as being “bold” and “courageous” is a collection of unproven theories and overblown conclusions. It is distressing that even among the more or less solid mainstream media mavens these words are used repeatedly. I have long suspected that some pundits who should know better aren’t just being fair and allowing both sides to have a say, but are protecting their access to newsmakers, even when those headliners are mostly just talking-point automatons. The group of pseudo intellects who appear on an endless string of talk shows and interviews provide the public with a staple of positions that bears only the faintest resemblance to sound policy and shows no sign of a willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue with ‘the other side.’