republicans way ahead in mastering the art of doublespeak


Aside from the fact that much of today’s conservative rhetoric is a flight of some advisor’s fancy, adding to the monumental din that surrounds political debate in this country, there’s another element that emphasizes how out-of-step some politicians are with their contemporaries. Newt Gingrich may find it compelling to use racist language to demean the president but it may come as news to him that several generations later, references to Mau Mau uprisings may generate more of a puzzled stare than racist fear.

That is not to ignore that the notion of ‘otherness’ is built in to the language candidates use to entice fellow-travelers into lockstep with the new wave of the grand old party. It’s just that the language of convenience, even when it isn’t intended to mock or otherwise fracture intelligent debate, simply doesn’t lead to meaningful solutions and ends up being politics as usual.