It isn’t only that the party of family values and self-righteousness finds itself susceptible to immoral sexual behavior that renders the recent exposure of adultery and possible criminal involvement in Republican ranks so scandalous and disgusting. We may not like what these particular individuals do in their spare time, but that isn’t our main gripe. It is their outrageous puritanical rhetoric and the delight prominent figures took in the exquisite detail with which Ken Starr animated his investigation of President Clinton’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

How did we get to a place in any case where we needed a host of pontificating pols to define good and evil for us and make it part of the nation’s political debate? We should have been forewarned when the holier-than-thou crowd began to assert their particular religious analysis at every opportunity and pretended they stood for decency and moral rectitude in a sin-filled world. Proponents of virtue hang their positions on sexual mores that seem to satisfy their prurient outlook but have little practical application in the lives most people lead. And they attempt to find applications for infuriating religious opinions like Rick Santorum’s assertion that had there been fewer abortions in recent years there would be more workers and Social Security would be on stronger footing. Gasp.

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