There’s a tendency among some media outlets and various critics, especially Republican partisans, to suggest that all comments must be applied even-handedly across the entire spectrum of opinion in order to be valid. No matter how vast the differences or how ridiculous there’s always someone trying to make the case that whatever fault is assessed it should be done in a manner that distributes blame equally.

Thus in the current back-and-forth among candidates and parties there is a ridiculous emerging quid-pro-quo that defies reason. It is obvious that Republicans are scared to death of offending Rush Limbaugh, for example, even going so far as to apologize to him for real or imagined offenses, bowing in obsequious deference to him. Never mind that his remarks are tainted by racist and misogynistic overtones he is accepted as a defender of conservative views approved by a majority of the party faithful, and he is widely seen as the de-facto leader of the Republican Party.

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